About Thunder Dome

  • We are the first choice in community recreation in the Vancouver/Portland area

  • Our number one goal is for our customers to have fun & safe experience

  • We offer multiple party packages to fit your needs

  • Airsoft Parties, Nerf Parties, mulitple different game structures and our own twist on scenario game play

  • Full Rental Packages for you to try out our sport

  • Our facility includes 25,000 Sq Ft

  • We have 2 different play areas available

  • 15,000 Sq Ft combined playing area (twice the size of our nearest competition)

  • Unbeatable pricing

  • Outstanding customer service

  • Fully staffed by local active players

Since 2009, Thunder Kiss NW llc has transformed from a home based business to a major retailer in Vancouver, Wasthington delivering the best combat gear and airsoft guns.
Present-day, you can walk into the Thunder Kiss NW llc show room and see only the finest and most practical combat gear and airsoft training weapons.
We, as owners of Thunder Kiss NW llc were tired of poor customer service and products that plagued our local airsoft community,
and we took on the challenge to raise the standard and exceed the expectations of every customer that walks through our door or calls us on the phone.

Now we are pleased to present you with the (TKNW) Thunder Dome – a place to play and compete with the same thoughtfulness, love for airsoft, and quality behind Thunder Kiss NW llc.
A place where you don't have to worry about getting taken advantage of or playing in an intimdating place.
We strive to make sure that this is a fun and safe place for everyone to play.